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Software as a Service

Reimagine what your business looks like through SaaS.

We’re here to help you strategically design and develop, as well as scale, a SaaS solution that you own. We foster the best outcome by helping you figure “it” out.

Software as a Service

/ˈsɒft.weər æz ə ˈsɜː.vɪs/

A SaaS, or “Software as a Service”, is a cloud-hosted web application that provides a service to customers. The idea behind the SaaS business model is to build an application once and distribute it to as many clients or users at scale, often incorporating a pay per user model.

What are the steps we take together?

  1. Step 1

    Research for (and beyond) your MVP

    Yes we start with an MVP

    An MVP shouldn’t be over-engineered. We try to focus on deeply understanding what is ultimately a loveable product for the end-user. We listen for your vision but also dive deep into the voice of your user.

  2. Step 2

    Iterate fast with data driven insight

    After the launch

    We will help you identify the missing opportunities, through further analysis and product development, we make your product more valuable with every iteration.

  3. Step 3

    Break even and scale borders

    We create a long-lasting solutions

    We add value to people’s lives but also create profitable revenue streams for your business. As your product matures we will work closely to develop your proposition and ensure that you can scale.

  4. Step 4

    Insure self-sufficiency

    We are here to help you until you can help yourself

    At some point, it’s time for Lifely to hand over the responsibility of your SaaS to your internal team. This can happen after just 6 months, or after a couple of years depending on your needs.

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Do your ambitions match your budget?

What’s the budget for building a SAAS?

Within 2 minutes we can help you understand what the impact of different choices in technology can have on responsibility, longevity and the budget of your SAAS.

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Things we've learned along the way about Building a SaaS.

Our top 5 tips for building a SaaS

Validate the MVP quickly

By Lutsen Stellingwerff, Solution Designer at Lifely

We will help you adopt a lean, validate-first approach. We know you probably have a grand vision and yes it can be daunting, but let’s figure out your early horizon too. Let’s validate your ideas with actual users and prove their value.

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