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Common Ground Software

Empowering the public sector with true ownership.

All software created by governments should be open source and free from vendor lock-ins. Working with the “Common Ground” guidelines does exactly that.

Common Ground

/ˈkɒm.ən ɡraʊnd/

Common Ground is an information technology vision that was created to improve the control, quality and ownership over public government information systems. Common Ground architecture is mostly used by municipalities, among other public organisations.

The path to a Common Ground

  1. Step 1

    Goal research

    Getting everyone on board.

    This is the moment we discover the goals of current and future users of your application and interview the stakeholders of the project. We explore the technical landscape and define the design and development steps required to achieve these goals.

  2. Step 2

    Solution design

    Defining your scope.

    We analyse the original brief and the existing requirements. We meet the users, define the flows, and visualise the solution. Once validated, we turn the flows into stories and specifications for the technical teams to build.

  3. Step 3

    Technical governance

    Transparency is key.

    When working with multiple parties, we create clear processes and agreements on how we work and integrate together. Technical governance is complex, we make it less so.

  4. Step 4

    Agile development

    Developing in cycles.

    We iteratively implement the software using agile principles. We prepare the backlogs we will work on, put the front-end components on the screen, integrate test-driven with OpenAPI interfaces and share the progress in a review.

  5. Step 5


    Getting everything just right.

    Ultimately we need to deliver and validate the solution, involving a variety of Lifely experts, stakeholders and end-users. In this phase, feedback is collected and fed back into the solution design and agile development iterations.

  6. Step 6

    Knowledge transfer

    Solve for good.

    Together we transfer the knowledge and process in a way that suits your organisation. We write documentation, organise technical handover sessions about best practices and even “co-development sprint” with your team and the Lifely developers.


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Why choose Common Ground for your public project?

3 reasons why the public sector needs Common Ground software

Ownership & Privacy

By Peter, CTO at Lifely

Common Ground software puts public organisations into a position of power and full ownership over their software and the data of their users. This greatly increases transparency and data privacy for end-users that usually don’t have any say in the software.

Read our 3 reasons

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