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About Lifely.

We're warmhearted problem solvers.

Lifely is an Amsterdam-based boutique agency. Meaning we are small enough to care and big enough to cope. Our motto is to solve problems once and for all, Solving for good.

As a culture-driven company, we’d like to bring you along with our values and beliefs.

We solve for good.

Worthwhile innovation.

There is more to life than Lifely.

We are here for the best of all.

Today’s innovations are tomorrow’s commodity. We onboard you in our processes, designs, and code. In time we help you become self-sufficient, guaranteeing we make ourselves redundant within a two to three year timespan.


We embrace innovation as a core to our business rather than looking purely at the technology. To us, it is about developing a solid methodology, a meaningful purpose, and creating partnerships built on trust and success.

Clients are not for life, nor are jobs. We are part of your journey, so it’s our responsibility to be a positive steppingstone. We set our clients up for durable change and leave room for our team to explore life beyond Lifely.

We grow by growing our people. We strive for mutual success in all we do—working for companies that do good in this world by furthering consciousness, transitioning to renewable energy, or advancing equality.

An opensource agency.

In the spirit of transparency, we share and open source our learnings in our publicly available handbook so others may follow our journey. Feel free to share, comment and copy.

Feel free to copy our culture, policy & processes.

Lifely Handbook

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