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Product Strategy.

The best product is defined by an agreed roadmap.

A good product strategy hits the sweet spot between user needs, business strategy and technical values. We make sure all stakeholders’ insights are weighed in and translated into an actionable roadmap.

What we provide:

  1. Debrief of your users’ and stakeholders’ requirements.
  2. A clear overview of (technical) dependencies & API agreements.
  3. Validated product interface prototypes.
  4. A scoped and prioritised roadmap.
  5. Clear briefs and quality standards for the agile product teams.

1. Understanding and Debriefing.

Most stakeholders have a firm idea of what a solution must be able to do. Writing those wishes down as user stories is one thing, but truly understanding the business domain and the target audience needs deep investigation and debriefing. This shapes the context for a solution that is aligned with the overarching strategy.

2. A clear overview of agreed technical dependencies.

When solutions are interdependent on other teams, technology or certain time windows, these ties need to be identified as soon as possible. When technical integrations with external systems are required, we collaboratively discuss and discover the possible approaches and craft agreements on for instance handovers, work processes and API definitions.

3. Prototyping and validating user interfaces.

User feedback says more than a thousand words and images. We selectively choose high impact assumptions, turn these into prototypes and validate these prototypes with users and stakeholders to scientifically prove our plan of approach.

4. A scoped and prioritised roadmap.

Defining a roadmap, prioritising functionalities and grouping this functionality into milestones is a delicate dance of stakeholder management and solution tuning. We use the MoSCoW methodology in scoping workshops to match wishes with your business strategy and KPIs and create a roadmap that all parties involved will vouch for.

5. Briefing the product teams.

We’ve worked with many different product teams and believe that clear and concise briefings adjusted to the team’s maturity level, along with measurable quality standards are the key ingredients for an efficiently shipping product team.

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