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3 Reasons why the public sector needs Common Ground.

The government can free itself from proprietary licensed software supplied by vendors and is actually able to take control over data and code.

This is the kind of future we're building for.

  1. Peter Peerdeman

    Ownership & Privacy

    By Peter, Technical Director & Partner at Lifely

    Common Ground software puts public organisations into a position of power and full ownership over their software and the data of their users. This greatly increases transparency and data privacy for end-users that usually don’t have any say in the software.

  2. Upgradeability

    By Dirk, Backend & DevOps at Lifely

    By strictly splitting up data from processes, front-end applications are much more versatile and can be upgraded according to user needs without having to completely replace the backend and data storage.

  3. Collaboration & Co-learning

    By Jesse, Lead Developer at Lifely

    By separating different layers of software applications, we can effectively collaborate with multiple vendors, each focusing on the layer they are most proficient at. This greatly increases the pool of vendors being able to work for public projects and facilitates healthy and fair competition.


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