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Backend interfaces: WHY we embrace GraphQL.

GraphQL is a query language for APIs that allows us to retrieve and manipulate data. At Lifely we see GraphQL as a spiritual successor to the REST protocol, as it offers some distinct advantages over REST. For starters, web and mobile front-end teams have full control over the data that is retrieved from the API because they can speficy a data query that suits their needs exactly. Also GraphQL APIs are typesafe and thus automatically documented, which means anyone consuming your API knows exactly what is available, how the data is formatted, not to mention there being a reduction in type errors (nice clean data). Lastly, GraphQL can serve as an integration layer to combine multiple (legacy) APIs and it doesn’t mind if the data comes from a REST API, an old SOAP API, or even from the database directly.

Why GraphQL?


Using GraphQL puts an emphasis on the structure of your data model. No matter how big or small your project, a properly designed and implemented data model can be carried over to any new platform. You aren’t trapped.


GraphQL is an actively maintained open source-product with a rich tooling ecosystem and is supported by a number of big corporations. There are paid services and platforms available that can support your GraphQL-based projects but these are not mandatory. You stay the owner of your product.


The excellent documentation and flexibility of data querying provides an optimal experience for onboarding developers, regardless of whether they are on-site, off-site, front-end developers, mobile app developers, or integration consumers of your APIs. It’s easy for many to adopt.


Because we define data models in TypeScript, this allows the Lifely development team to use generators to quickly scaffold default APIs and front-ends. This empowers teams to rapidly deliver and focus their efforts on the project’s unique functionalities. Your project receives the attention it deserves.

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