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Typescript & NodeJS.

Our programming Language of choice: Typescript & NodeJS

Typescript is a language that builds on JavaScript and helps programmers avoid mistakes while coding and increases maintainability by providing explicit documentation to onboarding developers.

JavaScript has the community vote.

JavaScript was surveyed to be the most popular programming language amongst developers in the stackoverflow community. Lifely has been a proponent of full stack Javascript for a long time and has embraced TypeScript as the extension that makes the language even more suitable for large scale maintainable projects. Javascript brings the front-end and back-end worlds much closer, and with innovations like react-native it even allows an easy crossover to the hybrid mobile world. We have seen this full stack javascript approach decrease the boundary for front-end and back-end specialists to collaborate and raise our collective peer reviewing process as everyone uses the same language to express their solutions.

Why do we advocate it?


Web browsers run Javascript exclusively, making it a given choice when developing front-end interfaces for web applications. On the back-end, NodeJS is now heavily adopted in the biggest cloud based products such as Amazon’s Lambda functions, Google’s app engine, Azure’s app-service and even Github’s Co-pilot.


Typescript and NodeJS are actively maintained open source-products supported by a number of big corporations. There are no license fees for using Javascript in the front-end and no license fees deploying NodeJS Javascript to the cloud. You always stay in control of a product built with Javascript.


The Node Package Manager (NPM) is the largest ecosystem of open-source libraries in the world. It is the center of the Javascript community and offers packages for any API or product you can think of, decreasing the time needed to write boilerplate code and increasing the time writing business logic unique to the challenge at hand.

Want to know more?

Lifely CTO Peter Peederman on the future of APIs.

Peter Peerdeman sitting on a couch smiling

GraphQL is a query language for APIs that allows us to retrieve and manipulate data. At Lifely we see GraphQL as a spiritual successor to the REST protocol, as it offers some distinct advantages over REST.

Why we embrace GraphQL

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