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Things we've learned along the way about building a SAAS.

Our 5 top tips for building a SAAS

Even though every SAAS products is unique, there are a number of key takeaways that apply to every single one.

Our 5 top tips for building a SAAS

  1. Validate the MVP quickly

    By Lútsen, Solution Designer at Lifely

    “We will help you adopt a lean, validate first approach. We know you probably have a grand vision and yes it can be daunting, but let’s figure out your early horizon too. Let’s validate your ideas with actual users and prove it’s value.”

  2. Peter Peerdeman

    Be the technical guardian

    By Peter, CTO & Partner at Lifely

    “We take on the role of interim CTO or CIO. That means that Lifely will represent your (new) company to possible investors or clients, and we will be the sparring partner for any technical counterparts. Especially when working with large companies it can help to have deep technical knowhow backing you.”

  3. Think the future through

    By Jesse, Lead Developer at Lifely

    “It’s so easy to get hung up on the amazing promise of a SAAS solution and also the tactical details of what your product looks like. Let’s first zoom out, research your requirements, to create focus around your future we’re building.”

  4. Transparent to the end

    By Brian, Frontend Developer at Lifely

    “Very quickly in software development you can run into unexpected license fees and vendor lock-ins. That’s why we really try to be transparent about what you should expect, right now, and in the long-term. Of course our priority is to always use open-source technology where possible.”

  5. Co-create a team and process

    By Léon, Lead Developer at Lifely

    “If you are building a SAAS, you become a tech company. It is important to define your team strategy. Which capabilities are you looking to onboard? Start out with governance roles such as product owners and onboard your new engineers into an experience agile product team.”

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