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The most successful legal-tech SAAS in Europe – Ruler – is a leading compliance software. It offers its users everything they need to stay informed about the laws and regulations relevant to them. Over the years we’ve helped Ruler build the foundation for their digital product and successfully expand across borders. Today Ruler is the top legal tech app in the Benelux, involving over 80 banks and insurance companies.

Setting the foundation for durable change.

Ruler already had an MVP version when we started this project. The system collected data, but structuring was up for improvement. The system wasn’t very stable either or ready for future technologies. It was lacking a foundation on which we could build. Very quickly we rebuilt the Ruler product and set the foundation for durable change.

Three environments, one design.

Not only did we rebuild the technical foundation, but we also attended to the design of Ruler. The aim was a more user-friendly, minimalist look that would resonate with different users: the board, consultant, and client. Our designers were faced with a challenge and had to merge three different user environments into one coherent experience. The result is a feature-rich, maintainable solution that maintains a clear link to the overall brand strategy that was set out by our friends at RTRN.

Building upon Ruler's success.

The strong foundation we set enabled us to continue building upon Ruler’s success. We used newer open-source (upgradeable) technology to insure Ruler could grow. Today, Ruler doesn’t just inform, it also maintains, monitors, and analyses. Clients are exposed to newer features that result in a product that only serves them better.

“In the end, we got so much more than we even asked for”.

– Ronald van Dijk, Co-founder of Ruler


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