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We empower legal experts with artificial language models.

Ruler is Europe’s most successful legal-tech SaaS, offering compliance software that helps users of the platform stay informed about laws and regulations relevant to them. Next to being their trusted development partner, we also assist them with Artificial Intelligence services. Together, we make sure Ruler’s legal team can handle dozens of incoming changes in law per day, using AI technology to speed up operations.

Redefining how businesses work

In the current labour market, one of the major problems businesses face is being able to keep up. Ruler is powered by an editorial of lawyers and legal experts, which are in high demand. Next to that, nobody likes repetitive work. We worked together with Ruler to provide them with artificial intelligence models trained on a fast arrange of law texts and news articles that can automatically summarize incoming changes in law with minimal effort. This saves Ruler’s editors precious time and allows them to focus on challenges instead of the rut of the day.

Embracing what's already there, improving on what's needed for the job

For this project, we used Transformers, a state-of-the-art class of pre-trained models for performing complex natural language processing tasks. We applied a fine-tuning process to an existing summarization model: this way, we make use of vast amounts of available data on the internet but still adjust the end result of the network to the needs of the client. This allows us to rapidly create accurate AI models with just a limited amount of data. We don’t lose time on data preprocessing, and can immediately offer business value to the customer.

A complete pipeline, including integration.

All AI models that we deliver come with an API with extensive documentation so that it is easily integrated into existing architecture. Because Lifely also offers development services, we were able to immediately integrate the AI model into the existing Ruler platform, without the lost time transferring knowledge from one company to another. This saves you valuable resources and allows you to use your models almost instantly.

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