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TopTaal is a language school for adults based in the Netherlands. The school has direct ties with people who individually enrol, teachers who teach the courses, and clients such as the Dutch government and private companies. In short, three target audiences and one system. Our challenge was to develop an app that would bring these three different users together under one system.

Transparency is key

TopTaal faces hefty administrative challenges with thousands of students enrolling in their courses every year, which led them to investigate the possibilities of digitalisation. They started investigating their own internal processes and soon discovered they would need a custom-made software solution that would respect the multiple types of users and effective communication between them.

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Things we're proud of.


  • Future proof and GDPR proof
  • Three audiences, one system
  • 3000 students learning
  • 200 teachers teaching
  • 40 clients supporting

“It was a really challenging process to get to the bottom of the existing invoicing system. We spent a lot of time and effort, asking many questions to make sure we completely understood the finer points. From maintenance to innovation”.

– Jesse de Vries, Solution Architect

Work that lives on.

The collaboration between TopTaal and Lifely resulted in “MijnTopTaal”, an application used for student administration. It’s future and GDPR proof, just like TopTaal wanted. Now, 3000 students, 200 teachers, and 40 clients (municipalities and companies) have access to the system. Students have insight into their classes, their remaining budget, and their grades. The tool allows teachers to track student absence and student progress, and to see who is in which group. Furthermore, clients such as the municipality now have more control and insight into the progress of the integration courses (international seeking residence and integration).

“We had it all thought out: all our internal processes, which data should be in the system, and what we wanted…then Lifely demonstrated that we needed some much-needed support in defining our future”.

– José Glas, Product Owner of MijnTopTaal

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