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React-Native with components or branded custom design

React-Native is an extremely flexible hybrid ecosystem that enables us to build for any platform. Within React-Native we can make choices in design methods that suit both big and smaller goals.

Comparing delivery methods

What is the differences between component based design and custom design?

We design (hybrid) applications using design systems. These design systems consist of off-the-shelf hybrid mobile components where possible or custom-developed components where appropriate and necessary.

  • high delivery speed
  • high reuse value
  • less development costs
  • community support
  • less branded feel
  • limited expressiveness in design
  • less options in user experience
  • high brand experience
  • extreme flexibility in design
  • higher costs of development
  • longer time to delivery
  • costly to pivot

Technology we use

Low code & libraries

High reuse, rapid iteration speed and as little boilerplate as possible. These are the technological options to get to market fast.

Custom Components

Full flexibility, high brand awareness and space to innovate. These technologies help us create the best possible experience

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