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Component Based Design.

Ship sooner, iterate faster, and focus on the core of your application.

With component based design, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel (or the datepicker, form validation, pagination, login, … well, you get it).

Using predefined components is a way to create the interface of an application. We call this component based design. Instead of designing the interface from scratch, we create an interface by combining components from our component library.

By using predefined components to build your application interface, we can reduce design and development time. This allows for a shorter time-to-market and a quicker validation of your product. Predefined components can also allow you to focus on the most important, most unique part of your digital product. To allow you to spend the maximum amount of resources on this part, we can use predefined components to create the periphery of your application.

Material UI.

We use the Material UI component library as a basis for our component based design. These are all battle-tested components that fit exactly in our design and development processes. We have built our application framework on top of these components.

Application Framework.

We have a lot of experience with applications that let users collect and query data in some shape or form. Because of this, we have set up a framework to build these kinds of applications, using predefined components. If your application fits this framework, we can gain even more speed developing it.

High component quality.

Our predefined components are the result of many iterations. All the insights that were gathered during these iterations are incorporated in the components. This results in a high component quality right from the start of your project.

Look and feel.

The components we used are style-able. This way we can change the look and feel to match your brand. But because they are predefined components, styling them has it’s limitations. If you want a unique, distinctive appearance for your product, let us create a custom design instead

Built for general tasks.

Our components are designed to create interfaces for common tasks like entering form data or querying databases. If your product has more specific needs we can engineer tailor made components for that.

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