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3 reasons you need a Design Sprint.

Is a Design Sprint right for you?

The Design Sprint is a proven process, originally developed by Google in 2012. Since then it has been further optimized and has spread around the world. Nowadays it is a very time- and cost-effective way to solve a problem and test the solution. But when is it right for you?

3 reasons why you could need a Design Sprint.

  1. You have a great idea, but you don’t know where to start.

    By Lútsen, Solution Designer at Lifely

    “A design sprint helps you find the right starting point. Together we will explore this starting point, prototype it, and validate it. This way, the design sprint helps you take the first step. And we connect you to the other dots along the way.”

  2. You want to take the next step with your existing product.

    By Nick, Interface Designer at Lifely

    “You’re ready for the next step. But there are so many steps you can take. Which is the right one? A design sprint helps you prioritise these options. It helps you pick one, prototype it, and validate it. If this step is the right step, you know in which direction to go. If it is not, it took you only four days to find out.”

  3. Your project is stuck and needs a reset.

    By Jesse, Lead Developer at Lifely

    “A Design Sprint can help you rethink what you know, and get a project moving again. We break down walls and create important social ties to people that will take you further. A design sprint will align the project team. It will find the next step to take. It will actually take that step, validate it, and determine where to go from there.”

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