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6 top tips for using Cross-Platform Mobile App technology.

On this page, we’ve detailed a few of our top tips and a number of steps we universally go through. From Research to Design, as well as Development, we’re here to help you until you can help yourself.

6 top tips for using cross platform mobile app technology

  1. Validate cost-effectively

    By Nick, Founder & Managing Director at Lifely

    Focus on your unique business proposition by creating and validating the first version of your app in a cost-effective way. Rather than focusing on a particular operating system (or multiple), create a cross-platform app that can deliver an experience on par with native apps. There is really little to no difference between native apps and cross-platform mobile apps.

  2. Peter Peerdeman

    Remember your product life cycle

    By Peter, Technical Director & Partner at Lifely

    It’s tempting to design features of an app for a more ambitious horizon. Stick to a feature roadmap with milestones that suit your current product life cycle phase (for example your MVP phase). When you take the time to critically review the most important features for your product life cycle, you can cut back on spending, validate early, and get a return on investment before scaling up your product team and costs.”

  3. Focus on your logic

    By Léon, Lead Developer at Lifely

    A big advantage of cross-platform mobile app development is that all business logic is written is identical for multiple application platforms. This allows you to focus all your testing and quality assurance on one application. If a problem gets fixed on Android, it will also be fixed on iOS as well.”

  4. Coder coding in a wallmounted desk

    Use accelerating API technologies

    By Dirk, Backend & DevOps at Lifely

    Projects can be quickly kickstarted using off-the-shelf functionality from low-code products like Amazon Appsync, Google Firebase, or open-source alternatives such as Strapi.

  5. Use upgradeable technology

    By Nick, Interface Designer at Lifely

    Engineering a solution with “upgradeability” in mind will enable you to not only quickly launch your initial product, but it will also make it easier to re-work aspects of the product as it matures.

  6. Begin with your future team in mind

    By Léon, Lead Developer at Lifely

    By using react-native (the open-source mobile application framework used to build cross-platform mobile apps) you limit the required language capabilities to Javascript and Typescript. In the long run, this makes for an easier crossover to web engineers who you can employ to work on your product.

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