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Our top 5 tips for a successful rebuild.

Maintaining legacy software can cause serious long term costs. Combining new technological opportunities with the best parts of your existing solution is the best start of a rebuild. Read on for our 5 top tips on rebuilding software.

Our 5 top tips for starting your rebuilding journey.

  1. Peter Peerdeman

    Software reuse is both a myth and a necessity.

    By Peter, Technical Director & Partner at Lifely

    Development agencies, like Lifely, have a natural tendency to prefer “rebuilding everything”. The reality is that you often do not have the luxury to rebuild every feature. A hybrid approach is therefore often the right one, where you strike a balance between the rebuilding of the product and integrating legacy parts of the old product.

  2. Don’t overextend yourself.

    By Avna, Project Manager at Lifely

    During a rebuild, you want to take advantage of lessons learned from the past. However, approaching a rebuild like “we’re going to do everything right in one go” is a fool’s errand. Agile and incremental development during a rebuild is just as important as for a new product.

  3. Look at the lifetime value and lifetime investment.

    By Léon, Lead Developer at Lifely

    A rebuild often does not directly add new business value to your organization, and quick fixes can be very tempting. To be honest, low-code solutions, quick and dirty development and cloud migrations have a lower upfront cost than a custom rebuild. However, you should consider the lifetime cost and offset it to the lifetime value of the entirety of the product life cycle.

  4. Partnerships are not for life.

    By Nick, Founder & Managing Director at Lifely

    Our mission is to solve for good. We, therefore, take responsibility for your success beyond the scope of our partnership. We ensure longevity and support you in building internal capabilities. Beyond that, we facilitate regular code reviews by a third party, ensure full test coverage of the codebase and encourage regular pen-tests by third party ethical hackers.

  5. Purchase the process, embrace the uncertainty.

    By Bibiènne, Operational Director at Lifely

    Software development is filled with uncertainties for both parties. As a client, it is not feasible to cover all your liabilities. It is also not realistic for an Agency to be expected to deliver a solution at a fixed price. In the end, it’s not the contracts that determine the success. Far more important are the mutual vulnerability and aligned goals: a shared set of values and a process based on best practices.


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