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Things we've learned about building digital workforces.

Our top 5 tips for building your robot workforce.

AI robots, are they the future or just false promises? The truth is they are both. Navigating between snake oil and its practical value is key. That’s why we’ve summarised our top 5 tips for building a digital robot workforce for you.

Our 5 top tips for building a robot workforce.

  1. Design for the human in the loop.

    By Lútsen, Solution Designer at Lifely

    AI is ready to assist humans in most repetitive and manual actions. However, edge cases need to be judged by the end-user. Storing your edge cases can help you in the future, though, so make sure that you design an interface where edge cases can efficiently be handled, and the outcome can be stored for future training.

  2. Peter Peerdeman

    Get your data model in order.

    By Peter, Technical Director & Partner at Lifely

    Training an AI model requires large amounts of carefully labelled data. We can help you assess the quality of your data model. Without clean data, we’ve got nothing to feed the models that might help you scale your robot workforce.

  3. Automation is more than a cost cutting measure.

    By Nick, Founder & Managing Director at Lifely

    AI & automation goes beyond your operational excellence strategy. Automating repetitive labor makes work for your employees more meaningful and enjoyable and puts your organization at a massive advantage with respect to today’s competitive job market.

  4. Build. Measure. Learn.

    By Dirk, Backend & DevOps at Lifely

    Successful automation through RPA and AI requires the “mentoring mindset”. Don’t set and forget your robot. The digital workforce needs to become part of your development cycle so that they can keep leveraging the latest state of the art AI.

  5. Start learning, start experimenting.

    By Nick, Founder & Managing Director at Lifely

    We’re on the verge of transitioning from digital-first businesses to AI-first businesses. A large percentage of jobs will become automated through narrow AI solutions. Investing in RPA and AI is as much about saving costs as it is about learning to prepare your organisation for the future to come.


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