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Artificial Intelligence Models

Picking the right model for the right business value.

Choosing between pre-trained or custom-trained AI models makes a big difference in implementation time and budgets. Let’s compare the pros and cons together.

Compare model training options

What is right for you?

Pre-trained models are mostly trained by the world’s largest organisations to solve generic problems in the AI space. On the other hand, custom-trained models take your own in-house data to create AI models that cater to your specific problem.

  • No need for gathering, structuring, labeling and organising data
  • Can immediately be leveraged to create value, without prior data collection
  • No training expenses
  • Little to no customisation possible
  • Costly to use in production at scale
  • Unable to control the bias that the model may have
  • Tailor-made to solve a specific problem
  • Relatively high control over the output of the model
  • Can be re-trained as time passes by to increase accuracy
  • A large amount of structured & labeled data is needed which requires manual work
  • Outcomes can be disappointing when no correlations are found
  • Extensive infrastructure is essential to train and re-train over time

Technologies we use

Pre-trained models

Pre-trained models allow you to get started with AI almost immediately. There are several pre-trained models available on the market, some even having the option to fine-tune them to your needs.

Custom-trained models

If you have well maintained, structured data available, you can leverage the power of custom-trained AI models. These solve specific, context-dependent problems for your organisation.


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