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Brand Strategy.

We bring depth and life to your brand.

We shape brands that people understand and love. And we foster brands that instill everyone with a sense of spirit and purpose.

What we provide:

  1. An immersive, creative, and thoughtful exploration of your strategic positioning.
  2. An overarching brand narrative, including: your purpose, user, and DNA.
  3. The building blocks of your brand identity, including: logo, colour palette, typography, and photography.
  4. Tools and processes to grow a brand and a business.

1. Discover your brand.

Whether we call it Design Thinking, Creative Strategy, or just Brand Strategy, the purpose is the same. We strategically build a brand narrative that is surprising, emotive, and deeply connected to who you are and who you serve. We call on various disciplines to immerse you in the potential of the brand. Researchers, Designers, Creative thinkers hone their intellect and their passion and invoke a state of discovery. Immersive experiences, workshops, and deep dives are only a few of the many methods that we lean upon. We play with words, imagery, and the arts to ensure everyone in the room not only thinks about the brand, but feels it’s potential too.

2. Tune your brand essence.

Living and experiencing your truth enables a depth in vocabulary in how you express your brand. This richer and deeper connection to who you are is the fertile ground on which we build upon. We craft our words carefully, ensuring that they not only contain the creative spirit of your brand, but also respect the whole picture. Detailing your vision, mapping the context of your brand, and challenges you face. Together we sew the red thread and connect the dots, resulting in brand that permeates out into everything you, from the product you build, to the people you hire.

3. Create your brand building blocks.

Once you have captured the essence of your brand, you need to bring it to life through creative development. We tweak the dials of your visual identity, measuring the impact of colour, movement, and typography as they amplify your brand expression. Together we create brand visual identity that be used to grow your business across various touch-points.

4. Grow the business behind the brand.

Our agile product teams are ready to create real digital touch points such as websites and apps. We facilitate the softer adoption of your new brand, ensuring all teams and future recruits are successfully embedded in the new culture from day one. We create brand book, also known as “the codebook”, which acts as document to detail how you remain true to the brand you’ve created. This document includes the agreed purpose, DNA, and creative elements to take you forward.

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