We literally connect the dots.

Operating to a strict code of digital decency.

We are a good bunch of natural born problem solvers. Researchers, designers, and technology specialists to be specific, who are helping businesses scale sustainably. We believe technology is a tool to be mastered and used for good. So whoever you are, we’re here to empower you in a digital first world.

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We design and build technologies to connect data, people, and process; that literally connect the dots.

We empower people with technology to be self reliant in a digital first world.

We solve problems for good.

Living lively
Product people to the bone
Clients aren’t for life

We’re founded and run by people who live to create. Whether that is in our hobbies as home baristas, documentary makers, and EDM producers, or as professionals in the digital realm.

We believe great code or great designs by itself is empty. It’s the sum of its parts that makes a product great. Taking charge in seeing a project through, even if that means stepping outside your designated role.

We don’t want you to be our client forever. Instead we strive for a trusting working relationship based on a mutual vulnerability, where you feel confident enough to lean on our expertise. Our ultimate goal is to deliver you the tools you need to not need us any more.


Help desk.

In an environment without ego or insecurity, based on mutual respect and openness. We are here to listen and provide guidance free of commitment. This is about helping you discover the right digital path for you. Plugin to good people.

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Understand your product existence. Set up Design and Development better for your version of good.



Ensure your digital product is fit for human interaction and that your assets are development ready.



Sense check the technical functionality of your digital product. Make sure the infrastructure is there and connects, and that things rollout smoothly.

When shall we begin?

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