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Qualitative Research

Experience the world you serve, foster new insight, and evolve.

Users, customers, clients, or consumers. They go by many labels but ultimately they are human in nature. Whether you have an established product or service, or you need fresh inspiration on starting something completely new, together we utilise qualitative research methodologies to validate learning and fuel new ways of thinking. 

Qualitative Research

/ ˈkwɒlɪtətɪv rɪˈsəːtʃ /

A process of gaining new understanding by spending time with people. Utilising qualitative research methodologies (such as interviews, focus groups, and ethnography) that bring designers, developers, and the wider team into the world of the people we serve. We take what we experience “out there” back into ourselves and the work, ideating on the things we heard and the observations we made. This process of learning is people focused and is strongly guided by the team’s intuition; intuition which has been honed from many years of experience.

Our 3-step process:

  1. Step 1

    "Leap" into the real.

    We start by designing the tools that help guide us when we actually conduct our research. Human-Centred Research tools and processes include: discussion guides, location maps, participant recruitment, screening, and communication, not to forget as well itinerary planning. These tools facilitate understanding and connection, in ways that are planned yet spontaneous, and truly help us take a leap into the real world and uncover new truths. 

  2. Step 2

    "Foster" new insight.

    After we’ve gone out with our teams and spent time with the people we want to know more about (could be a customer, a client, or a user), we come back together and workshop.  We share stories of experience by laying out all of the artefacts that provide a rich tapestry of insight (quotes, photographs, and mementos). At this stage in the process we start to build a bigger picture and sense check new ideas against old ones.


  3. Step 3

    "Evolve" and grow.

    Whether we are developing a service or a product feature, we create a tangible report of what we learned and where we need to go next. This is usually a document that can travel back through the organisation and guide new growth. Whether it is a presentation, a film, or a new prototype, this deliverable injects new life into your teams and projects.

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Human-Centered Research

Our advice to you:

Choose good questions and listen.

Ben Culpin

Questions come from many places, from clients, teams, and within. Ask yourself whether these questions are the right questions. Try to avoid leading questions or ones that you clearly know the answer to. Our job is to provoke and reveal something we don’t know. Often this happens when we choose to say nothing at all, and simply listen.

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