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Hybrid mobile, web and desktop apps

Design, build and test once, then deploy anywhere.

We build solutions that create broader horizons. Nothing is more true to this than creating a hybrid mobile app, a process which literally enables you to port your software to multiple operating systems at once.

Hybrid Mobile App

/ˈhaɪ.brɪd ˈməʊ.baɪl æp/

A hybrid mobile app is a method of software engineering that allows you to export one app to multiple mobile operating systems, instead of having to develop the app natively for iOS, Android and Windows.

Steps towards a your cost-effective, multiplatform Hybrid future

  1. Step 1

    Research user needs

    We spend time understanding your customer

    We help you create the solution for their needs. Our team challenges you to separate the musts from the nice to haves. We make sure it all becomes clear and figure out in what order to build your business and app. Throughout the process we inject our experience and best practices.

  2. Step 2

    Design for experience

    We create and iterate the designs

    Based on the research outcomes, we convert the most important flows (needs) into clickable prototype demos. This gives us the possibility to engage the targeted users on actual mobile devices and verify the workflows. This in tern enables us to quickly build on our design choices without losing precious development time.

  3. Step 3

    Develop with agility

    We refine the backlog

    This backlog of stories (features) should be picked up and there should be an estimation made on how much time this will take. The result of this process is a clear set of goals for what each sprint can achieve. This is a multi-stakeholder effort which requires a broad set of experts to come together, processing the feedback and prioritising the features that will be included in the test flight or beta version of the app.

  4. Step 4

    Take control for yourself

    It’s time to handover

    At this moment we start transferring more control over to you (if that’s what you wish). We will work closely with your team to conduct a deep, well thought through onboarding & transfer of protocol, providing education sessions around key aspects of your product: from requirements engineering to continuous integration.

The hybrid solutions we're proud of:

Alfen case study

Increased technician independence

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Ministry of Defense

Innovation idea of the year.

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HvA case study

Increased student satisfaction from 1 to 4,2 stars

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What are our technological to solutions for hybrid mobile apps?

React-Native with components or branding

React-Native is an extremely flexible hybrid ecosystem that enables us to build for any platform. Within React-Native we can make choices in design methods that suit both big and smaller goals.

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Knowledge we've acquired while building hybrid solutions

6 top tips for using Hybrid Mobile App technology

Begin with your future team in mind.

By Léon, Lead Mobile Engineer at Lifely

By choosing react native (the open-source mobile application framework used to build hybrid mobile apps) you limit the required language capabilities to Javascript and TypeScript. In the long-run this makes for an easier crossover to web engineers who you can employ to work on your product.

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