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Inspire AI.

Knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm wrapped in a service.

AI technology is everywhere and not solely reserved for the early adopters. We turn this sense of urgency and ambiguous term into deeper knowledge and actionable insight. We do this together.

What we provide:

  1. Inspirational presentations and reports prepared with in-depth domain interviews from industry leaders.
  2. Intervision sessions with fellow entrepreneurs and experts.

1. Fresh insight on AI opportunities within your domain.

There are many questions to be answered that will give you a glimpse of how to plot and apply your future in Artificial Intelligence. From “What AI-based technologies are cutting-edge?” and “How are they applied specifically?”, to “How will our world be shaped by this technology in the near future?”. This moment is about pure discovery, “yes, and…” thinking that will lead to new and sustainable growth. There are so many questions around this topic and so we we help guide you through this new space. We combine our own expertise in AI with our credentials in research, we pool from our network of specialists in the field, and we create insight relevant to you.

2. Facilitated connection to techno-optimistic leaders.

We don’t just deliver insight that is packaged nicely in an easily digestible presentation. We host honest and educated connection moments with a number of technology-first leaders that span generations, expertises, and cultural backgrounds. This is about bridging worlds and fostering connection. We’ve already fostered a healthy community of the best people available who are ready to plug-in to the challenges you face. Think of it as someone joining your board for a day of critical thinking and meaningful dialogue. The outcome is simple, we insure to set a good foundation for durable change, that ultimately is better and more technologically-friendly. You’ll be able to identify opportunities and set out on an AI-driven journey for your organisation.

Getting started with AI Going from traditional decision-making to an AI-first approach

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