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Flexible governance.

The glue that holds the teams together.

Governance is all the process of interaction over a social group. In product teams, this is provided by our scrum masters, product owners and project leads. Good leadership fosters good outcomes, happy stakeholders and paying customers.

What we provide:

  1. Efficiently allocated product owners, project leads and client managers.
  2. Effective communicators that speak both “tech” and “business”.
  3. Elaborate onboarding for your own (governing) personnel.

1. Efficiently allocated leadership.

IT is an industry littered with jargon and complexity. Our product owners, project leads and client managers exist to make sure we have a shared understanding of the goals and results. They are the gatekeepers that bring the right people in the room. They exist to make the most of your project.

2. Effective communication.

Product development starts by aligning stakeholders. Our team leaders insure that business strategy, technical wishes and users are all heard before production starts. In a joint effort between product owners, project leads and client managers we clearly communicate realistic roadmaps with both “business” and “tech”.

3. Onboarding your own governance.

We encourage anyone in this business to start transitioning to self-reliance. This starts with the mastery of governance and onboarding of team members. We offer a guided learning experience for your (leadership) employees to transition towards effectively governing product owners.

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