A 3 minute Lifely film on solitude

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We live in a world in which everything and everyone is connected. Which is great, because we are social animals who desire to have contact with others. But sometimes being so connected means we forget what it’s like to be alone. Symptoms can include loneliness, anxiety, or even judgement from others because we’re always online.

Ultimately, the way we feel when we are alone, has everything to do with the phase of life we’re in, our personal preferences and the expectations of the people around us. We decided to make a film about it. For this film we interviewed people from different life stages about what it means to be alone. We combined their words with footage from the city of Amsterdam, and we hope you enjoy it.

A great partnership with Ben Culpin

‘Solitude’ is the pilot of a large film and research project. In the coming months we will create 5 short documentaries about how social relationships exist and develop within different generations. We’re driven to investigate how technology affects those relations, and we’d like to show this to the world in the Lifely-est way possible. It’s a creative experiment that will hopefully be as rewarding and inspiring for us as well as for the people who watch our films.

During this project, we are strengthened by our research partner Ben Culpin. Ben has been a Strategic Planner in Advertising for over 5 years, but recently started working for himself. In a world where everything can be Googled, he believes in the power of user research for organisations. His ability to get people to open up and tell their story, combined with his drive to deliver this research through film, makes for a great partnership with Lifely.

Why this experimental film project?

As a digital agency, we develop products for a wide variety of clients and users. Apps, platforms and social networks. Beautiful products that connect people, improve businesses, and make life easier. But whatever you do in life, sometimes you just get caught up in the details. Occasionally, this also happens to us. And even though our obsession with details enables us to create successful products, we should never forget why we’re doing it in the first place. And more important: who we’re doing it for.

“Who are the people who actually use our products?"

What inspires them? In what way does technology affect the way they live their life? We want to understand our users in every way we can, and assure they’ll get the best experience for every product we make. We see the film ‘Solitude’ as a first step to reconsider the digital world we’re operating in. What it has brought us so far?

Ben: "Connecting with others gives us perspective on our own world and it can be hugely rewarding, but it can also be to the detriment of our own goals and ambitions. The film ‘Solitude’ is about choosing when to be alone and treating that time with purpose. We shouldn’t be so quick to judge it as a state of loneliness as the rewards of Solitude are there to be reaped. As a digital agency, Lifely would be wise to consider the right and wrong moments to connect people, because making this world a more connected place doesn’t necessarily make it a better one."

To be continued...

Wij zijn Lifely, een digital agency, al voelt dat wel een beetje als stoer doen op het schoolplein. Wat zijn we dan? We zijn een clubje mensen die heel veel van productontwikkeling houden. Het komt erop neer dat we het tof vinden om bij Lifely te werken, onze klanten blij met ons zijn en de werksfeer niet anders te omschrijven is dan ‘chill’.

Nick de Bruijn

Founder & Strategist

Benieuwd naar hoe je in het leven van een kleine jongen met een kite naar co-founder van een mediabureau gaat? Wij hebben het in deze blogpost over Nick, de kunstenaar van Lifely als het aankomt op foto, video en concept.

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